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No image of the Old West would be complete without a local saloon or “watering hole” in the picture. When America began to grow westward, it can be said that the expansion was from saloon to saloon. Perhaps the saloon was simply the American reinvention of the English pub, but regardless, its role in the expansion and settlement of America is undisputed.

The saloon was where the local news was gathered, and it was often the meeting place of note for miles around. Thirsty settlers and cowboys made their way there in search of a whiskey to wet parched throats. Saloons of the West began to sprout up wherever the pioneers established a settlement or where trails crossed.

Byron T.’s Saloon is everything that you would expect in a true local establishment. Located in the front of the historic Plaza Hotel and overlooking the historic Las Vegas Plaza, Byron T.’s incorporates all that you would expect is a true western saloon with character. And it still serves the purpose today that it served in late 1800′s – a place where all of the Las Vegas goes to relax and slow down at the end of a long day.